Phoebe's from Brisbane, Australia, but she lives in Melbourne right now. She graduated Queensland College of Art's animation programme with first class honours in 2016. She's worked for studios like 12field, Viskatoons and Like a Photon as an animator, character designer and rigger. As long as she gets to be part of fun projects making pictures move, she's happy as a pig in mud.

She likes making comics too. In January 2017, she curated the Queer Comics exhibit for Brisbane Powerhouse's MELT Festival. She was also the recipient of the Banksia Project for Brisbane Supanova 2017, where she was a panelist for discussions on gender and mental illness in comics.

Phoebe is passionate about the potential for comics, animation and other alternative media to convey complex, nuanced ideas while it engages and entertains. She loves to write, draw and devour talking pictures of all kinds.